You can use this feature to manage members in a workspace. You can invite members and assign different roles to these members to perform different activities in the workspace.

This feature is available for workspace admins and developer admins.


You can perform the following actions:

  • Add new members by sending invitation with the following details:
  • Name
  • Email address
  • Role: You can set the following roles:
  • Workspace Developer
  • Workspace Admin
  • Workspace Reviewer
  • Check the members in a list with the following details
  • User
  • Role
  • Developer Workspace
  • Status
  • Start Date
  • Action: You can take the following actions to a member:
  • Resend the invitation
  • Withdraw the invitation
  • Delete members

Workspace admins can delete a member from the workspace and the member has no access to the workspace.

  • Block the role of a member and unblock the role


Figure 1. Workspace admins manage members

The following features are located in the mini program detail page:

  • Add a member by choosing a member from the list, which is defined in the Member page.
  • Change the role of a member

You can set the role as either developer or admin.

  • Delete a member.

For more information, see Member in Manage Mini Programs.


Figure 2. Developer admins manage members

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