The Analytics functionality helps you to see the performance of all your mini programs. You can see the basic analytics data of all the released mini programs under Default Analysis. In addition, you can create events for your customized analysis. Data collected by events are displayed under My Analysis.


Events are used to collect data and analyze user behavior.

Default analysis

The following data are available under the Default Analysis tab:

  • Summary of your mini programs

You can see the total number of mini programs. You can also sort mini programs according to the status. For example, fully released and grayscale releasing.


  • Performance of all the released mini programs

You can analyze mini programs' performance by tracking its unique visitors, page views, new users, and total users.

Trend of all MP.png

  • Performance of each released mini program

Go to Performance of Each Mini Program and click on the name of the mini program you would like to see in detail.

Released MP list.png

  • Performance of each mini program

Under the Performance tab, you can see the historical performance of each mini program. See Performance for details.

  • Real-time analytics data of each mini program

Under the Real-Time Analysis tab, you can see:

  • Number of users and page visits of the current day.
  • Data on each individual page of the mini program, such as the number of times that the page was shared.
  • Ratio between the different versions used by users.
  • Payment success rate.

See Real-Time Analysis for details.

Customized analysis

Under the My Analysis tab, you can find the list of all the mini programs. You can click on each mini program to customize its analysis in the following ways:

  • Manage events for each mini program

Under the Manage Event tab, you can customize events or API fields to collect and report data on user behavior. See Event management and analysis for details.

  • Manage funnels for each mini program

Under the Manage Funnel tab, you can customize funnels to analyze the user conversion. See Funnel management and analysis for details.

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