The Authorization functionality is available for workspace admins. With this functionality, you can check the authorization information and revoke the authorization.


You can benefit from the following features:

  • Check the authorization information in the list

You can check the authorization information in the list that includes:

  • Authorized ISV Name: The authorized ISV name.
  • Authorized Mini Program: The authorized mini program name.
  • Mini Program ID: The authorized mini program ID.
  • Status: The authorization status that can be Authorized , Deauthorized, InReview and Rejected.
  • Action: The action of viewing the authorization details.

Note: For ISVs who would like to apply for authorization, see how to apply for authorization.

  • Revoke the authorization

Workspace admin can revoke the authorization for the authorized mini programs.

  • Apply for authorization

ISV can can apply for the authorization for the mini programs.

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