You can create JSAPIs as the metadata that can be used to construct the content of a feature. You can select multiple JSAPIs for a feature and assign this feature to a mini program. For more information, see Feature.


You can perform the following activities:

  • Create new JSAPIs with the following details:
  • JSAPI Name (Mandatory)
  • JSAPI Usage Scenarios (Mandatory)
  • App: You can choose the native app to which the mini program with this JSAPI is released.
  • Request and response parameters (callback and return parameters)
  • Error Code
  • Sample Code


You can refer to the JSAPI details in your IDE and enter the details to these above accordingly. For more information, see JSAPI Reference.

  • See JSAPIs in a list

You can see the name, description, status, and change history of the JSAPIs in a list.

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