You can define specific features according to your business requirements, in addition to the payment and user information capabilities that are available by default. For more information, see Capabilities.


You can perform the following activities:

  • Create new features with the following details:
  • Feature Name (Mandatory)
  • Activation Access (Mandatory)
  • Direct Access: You can have access to this feature immediately, without further requirements.
  • Activation Needed: You need to fulfill the activation requirements before you can have access to this feature.
  • Select APIs to construct the content of the feature

For more information on how APIs can combine to form a capability, see Capabilities.

  • View features in a list
  • Change the following details of a feature
  • API Name

Choose the API name, you can see the details of the API

You can have a overview of the usage of this API, such as the API description, scenario, wallet name, security level, and so on.

Under the Info tab, you get basic information of the APIs, such as the input parameters, output parameters, sample codes, and error codes.

Under the Version History tab, , you can see the version and status of the JSAPI.

  • Latest Version
  • Created by
  • Edited Date
  • Track the version history of a feature

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