Capabilities are sets of Java Script APIs (JSAPIs) and Open APIs that can work together to help users to complete specific tasks. For example, the payment capability is accomplished by the my.tradePay JSAPI and open APIs such as /{version}/payments/pay and /{version}/payments/notifyPayment, where the version is like v1 or v2 

Architecture Overview


JSAPIs are available by default in the mini program container. You can use the existing JSAPIs which can be called from mini program, through wallet native apps to the merchant/ISV back-end server.

ACL Open API standards are available. You can also use the standards of Open APIs and define the Open APIs, which can be interacted in the back-end servers between the wallet and the merchant/ISV.

With a combination of JSAPIs and Open APIs, a set of capabilities can be defined. For example, you can see the following capabilities that are available by default:

In addition, you can define your own features that are centrally managed in the workspace of the Mini Program Platform. You can select the JSAPIs that are available by default. For more information, see Features.

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