(Optional) Configure mini programs

This topic describes the steps of the task to configure a mini program. After uploading the mini program to the platform, developer admins can configure the mini program, such as editing client ID and merchant ID, adding features, and so on.


To configure a mini program, you can follow the corresponding steps as below:

Step 1: Navigate to Versions tab

Click Mini Program on the menu panel to the left and then click the name of the newly created mini program to enter Versions tab.


Step 2: Set configurations

There are two scenarios to set configurations depending on whether you upload a version for the mini program:

  • Mini programs without versions
  • Mini programs with versions

Mini programs without versions

If you do not upload a version, you can click Configuration to set global configurations, which means the configurations you set will be effective to all versions you upload for the mini program.image

Enter the following parameters for the global configurations:


Note: If the wallet supports multiple environments, you can set the client ID and merchant ID for multiple environments. If not, you can only set the client ID and merchant ID of the supported environment.

  • Client ID is assigned to a merchant by the wallet in a specific scenario, for example, payment. A single merchant ID can have multiple client IDs based on different scenarios.
  • Merchant ID is assigned to a merchant by the wallet. A single merchant can have multiple merchant IDs based on different wallets.
  • Whitelist:
    • Server Domain in the whitelist can access data and make out-of-domain calls.
    • H5 Domain in the whitelist can access the mobile page (H5) via the web-view component.
    • Tester Emails in the whitelist can test the mini program during the release process.

After confirming the above parameters, click Save to save the current global configurations. Once versions are released, the global configuration will be active.

Mini programs with versions

If you already upload one or more versions, you can set global configurations for all versions or configurations for a single version.

Global configurations

To set global configurations, click Configuration in the upper left corner of the page.image

Enter the same parameters as above.


Single version configurations

To set configurations for a single version, click Config under Action.image

Enter the same parameters for a single version as the global configurations. If you both set global configurations and single version configurations, single version configurations have a higher priority to be active after release.

Note: In the single version configurations scenario, the environment you release the version is the same as the environment that you can configure the merchant ID and client ID.


In addition, you can also set or modify configurations for a single version during its release process by clicking View Configuration.


Now you have completed configuring mini programs.

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