Remove mini programs


This topic provides steps for merchants to remove mini programs. To remove a mini program means that the mini program will be offline but still reserve its services in the workspace. If you want to stop running a mini program online, you can remove it.


To remove a mini program, you can follow the corresponding steps as below:

Step 1: Navigate to mini program list

Click Mini Program on the menu panel to the left and choose the mini program from the list.


Step 2: Remove a mini program

Choose the mini program you want to remove and confirm its details. Then click Apply for Removal.


Click Remove to send the removal request to the wallet for review.


You can check the approval status by clicking View Removal Application under the Versions tab.


Once the request is approved, you can click Remove Mini Program to remove it.


You can then go to the mini program list page to check that the mini program is marked as Archived.


Now you have completed removing a mini program.