Launching the User Interface


Make sure you have created a developer account. For more information, see Apply for an Account.


When you launch the Mini Program Studio, you can do the following tasks in the user interface.

  • Login
  • Joined workspaces
  • Create a new Mini Program
  • Open an existing Mini Program
  • Delete a Mini Program

For more information, see the demos below:


The first time opening the Mini Program Studio, login is required. You can use the account that applied from Mini Program Developer Portal to login the Mini Program.


If password is forgot, try to retrieve the password in the Mini Program Developer Portal.

Joined Workspaces

After login, you can see which workspaces you have joined in the left side of the launch interface.


A developer can join multiple workspaces by invitation of workspace admins, and Mini Programs are separated in different workspaces. So here you can develop different Mini Program project for different workspaces.

Create a New Mini Program

The first time opening the Mini Program, you can create a new Mini Program project. The Mini Program Studio has provided two ways to create a new Mini Program:

  • Creating a Mini Program scaffold project, it contains basic files of a Mini Program.
  • Creating a Mini Program from the provided templates, which provides the template codes and help you to complete the Mini Program quickly.

Creating Scaffold Project

By clicking the Add card in the launch interface, you can create a scaffold project. In the project setup page, you need to set up following properties:

  • Project Name: Project name to be displayed in the Mini Program Studio. Space is not allowed in the name. We recommend you to use letters to set the a meaning name.
  • Project Path: Location for saving the project in the disk.

After the setup of the properties, click the complete button to complete the creating of the Mini Program.


Creating Template Project

In the launch interface, there is a templates button. Click it, you can see there are three templates and there will be more templates in the future.


Choose a template then click Next. Then similar with creating a new Mini Program, set the name and path for the project and click Complete button to complete the creation process.

Open an Existing Mini Program

If you have created Mini Program project before, or you have a local Mini Program project which may from a git source, you can open it with the Open Project function.

Open Local Project

After clicking the Open Project button, a local selector will pop up, you need to select the root path of your local Mini Program project and then confirm the selection.


Open Recent Opened Project

If you have opened a Mini Program project before, it will show in the launch interface. You can click the card to open the project directly.

Delete Project

If you do not want the launch interface to show too many opened projects, you can right click the project card and then a delete popup will show, then you can remove it from the launch interface to make the interface clean.


Note: the delete function will not remove the local project files, only remove the entries in the launch interface.