IDE Debugging


We provide two debugging methods:

  • Simulator + Debugging tool
  • Remote real machine debugging

The simulator can simulate most of the real machine APIs and has an integrated debugging tool. We suggest completing basic function and style debugging in the simulator and then performing the verification and debugging on real machine. However, the final running result shall be based on the real machine.


The simulator provides the following functions:

  • Device simulation (dimension, precision, etc.)
  • Compiling log, compiling error prompt, refresh
  • JSAPI simulation, custom configuration of simulation interface including position, Bluetooth, startup parameter, etc.

IDE Debugging

Debugging Tool

Together with the simulator, we provide customized Chrome devtool, and provide extension, such as axml, on basis of that. Default extensions include:

  • AXML: Mini Program element based dom, css debugging
  • Console: operation log, error viewing
  • Storage: buffer data viewing and editing
  • Sources: source code viewing and breakpoint debugging
  • Network: network resource and requests viewing

IDE Debugging

Remote Debugging

In the remote debugging mode, a connection is established between IDE and cellphone. At the IDE end, you may perform breakpoint check, runtime information check, Network/Storage information viewing, remote log viewing, and so on. See more details in Remote Debugging document.