Mini program project configurations

With this topic, you can learn to use the mini.project.json file in the root directory to configure the mini program project.


In addition to app and page, the mini program framework also includes project to describe the whole mini program project. For more information, refer to Framework overview.

The project refers to the mini.project.json file that must be placed in the root directory of the mini program project. You can use the mini.project.json file to configure advanced features, as listed in the table below.


The following table lists the configuration features of the mini program project:

Field Name

Data Type



Path String

Specifies the relative path of the mini program source code (the directory where the app.json file is located).



Whether to enable custom components.

To enable custom components, check Enable component2 compile in the Details > Project configuration of the IDE. For more information, refer to Custom component introduction.



Whether to enable axml strict syntax check. Once enabled, it can detect the error of unclosed tags and more.

To enable axml strict syntax check, check Enable Strick Axml Check in the Details > Project configuration of the IDE.



Whether to enable simulator hot update.



Whether to enable es6 syntax transformation.



The file or file folder to exclude when building package. It follows Glob syntax. For more information, see exclude package blacklist.

exclude package blacklist

When you upload a mini program to Mini Program Platform, the local source codes will be packaged and uploaded to the cloud for building. In addition to the above files, the source code package also includes the following contents:

  • Mini program source code files:
    • .acss
    • .axml
    • .js
    • .json
    • .sjs
  • Dependency packages in the node_modules directory

When uploading, if the source code package is still too large after compression, network timeout may be triggered. To resolve this error, you can add unnecessary files that are built on the cloud to the exclude blacklist. For example, if you precompile the code through src -> dist, you need to exclude the files in the src directory and the devDependencies tool in the node_modules directory when you upload the mini program.

The following sample code indicates that the source code package excludes the files in the src and node_modules directories under the root directory of the project:

"exclude": [