Getting Started with Mini Program Platform

The Mini Program Platform is a comprehensive solution to empower digital wallets to quickly start Mini Program businesses. It not only helps you to save the hardware deployment costs but also provides you with operation and maintenance support. You can also enjoy the regular service updates and new product features.


Before you start, follow the integration steps below:

  1. Contact us to create a Mini Program workspace for your app. You're required to provide the following:
    1. Your valid business license and point of contact
    2. Your APK signature, bundle ID, and package name
  1. Once your Mini Program workspace creation is approved, you will receive a dedicated URL to access your Mini Program Developer Portal. You then make the following configuration settings:
    1. Replace the default URL to your business domain by configuring a reverse proxy server
    2. Customize the UI by replacing the default logo/favicon with your preferred logo
    3. Customize the email service
  1. Integrate the SDK
    1. You will need to integrate the SDK (Android and iOS) in order to run the Mini Programs in your application.
    2. Download the configuration from your Developer Portal and use it to initialize the SDK.
    3. Implement the standard JSAPIs. While the SDK provides the core Mini Program functionality, there are some features that are best presented with a customized implementation. For instance, when a Mini Program invokes the payment function, it is better to launch the existing payment flow instead of a completely new one.
  1. Implement the standard backend APIs

You need to implement some standard backend APIs in order to support the Mini Program OAuth and Payment flow.

Now you can start using the Mini Program Platform.

Contact Us

If you're interested in using Mini Programs, please send us an email.